at uro we are not perfect

making shoes is not 100% sustainable, but we do everything we can to keep our carbon footprint at the bare minimum.

quality is a word that should be used more when talking sustainability. the biggest goal chasing sustainable choices should be low consumption. our products are built to last and have a long lifetime ahead of them.  

all our products are vegan, meaning we do not use any fabrics, paint or parts from animals. we will always make 100% vegan choices.

we use organic cotton and recycled plastic in all our clothes. this is not only a sustainable choice but gives our apparel a long lifespan with great quality garments.

our Italian shoe fabrics are made in a carbon emission free process. we strive to use as much recycled material as we possibly can and are always on the lookout for the best possible sustainable choice.

we could commit to only using fex pinapple fibers or cactus leather, instead we use shortest traveled high end fabrics available in Europe at the time. with this way of working we save co2 emissions with transporting goods from across our planet.

last but not least, our shoes and apparel are made by workers with fair pay in our factories in Portugal.

so no, we are not perfect, but our goal is to become the most sustainable shoe and apparel brand in the world.

we believe in making the best possible choices in everything we do.